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December 12, 2018
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December 21, 2018

Life is all about celebrations. We should celebrate to acknowledge what we have and try to make our every moment special with our family and friends. In fact, some researchers say, people who cultivate a daily attitude of celebration and gratitude are happier and can make more significant progress in their life. Remember, celebration or parties are not all about an individual presence, it needs group participation. These help an individual to be socialized and to have a better relationship and friendship goals in life.

Despite having so many benefits of having celebrations, many of us avoid them. It’s all because of some binge or heavy drinkers. Whether it is a wedding, birthday, cocktail, farewell, New Year, Christmas or any other celebration, it becomes mandatory to include drinks & beverages in menu card is no more secret to anyone. Today, most of the teenagers believe that there will be no fun without alcohols at parties.

So in short, if you are hosting the party, then you have to cater to drinks and beverages to your guests for their satisfaction and entertainment. Although with the help of corporate catering services in Delhi, you can ensure no one intakes alcohol more than its limit and ruin all the fun at the party.

To understand, how they can help, you need to understand first the reasons why do some people get out of control. In this post, we have compiled such common reasons along with their counterpart solutions, used by the best corporate catering services in Delhi, The Catering Company.


Most are unaware of cocktail ingredients:

Most of the guests don’t have any idea what they are drinking. So they keep on drinking and sometimes even drink two within 15 minutes. Therefore, many corporate catering services in Delhi incorporate the ingredients name and small description of each drink in the menu card. This gives them an idea of the potency of a particular drink and hopefully, then they will drink accordingly.

No empty stomach drinking:

As per the study, intake of carbohydrates and proteins increases the absorption rate of alcohol in the human body as well reduces its adverse effect on you. So, many corporate catering services in Gurgaon leave some space for eatables near the drink section.

No other supplements at the parties:

When all the mates are drinking alcohol, then it becomes challenging for an individual to say no. So even if a person doesn’t want to have alcohol, he/she has to drink due to peer pressure. Therefore, many corporate catering services in Delhi suggest clients offering some alternative to liquors like mocktail at their parties.

Warmer the surroundings, worse the results:

As we all are aware of the fact that alcohol and heat are the deadliest combinations. Consumption of alcohol increases the blood pressure inside the body and stimulates the sweat glands. As a result, when you drink more than the limit, you sweat more and need more water to keep the equilibrium state inside the body. So, many corporate catering services Gurgaon keep a regular check on temperature and ambiance near the drink section. They ensure to have it neat windows or in open space so that all get some fresh air.

Intake of sugar or caffeine is hazardous:

Either sugar or caffeine with alcohol, both lead the person without any self-control. If an individual is already exhausted and he takes coffee and alcohol together, then he will be no longer under his control, and this combination makes him shaky and jittery. The same goes with sugar it’s blend with alcohol badly affects the brain and as a result, the person will be on massive high. So, it’s better to avoid sugar cocktail at the parties as well as keep their tables away from the cocktail area.

No other thing to entertain:

If you are arranging any party for your close friends, colleagues or family members, then arrange some other source of entertainment like games or dance for them. These help them to shift their focus from cocktail and they can participate in other activities. Dancing and playing games are the best exercises that charge up the person and reduce the desire for the cocktail. So always try new and creative things to entertain your guests.

Although being a host, you can only try; however, it’s totally up to an individual that how he control his alcohol intake. Drinking responsibly is an important thing so that you can control yourself from embarrassing you and your host at the party. For that, the person should be aware of his limit and should drink accordingly.

So, next time when you are hosting a party, keep all of the above-mentioned points in mind and try to implement them correspondingly. In case, you still have some doubts, then don’t hesitate to ask the experts at best corporate catering services in Delhi, The Catering Company.

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