How To Ensure That Corporate Canteen Services In Gurgaon, is Serving Healthy Food?

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Corporates have their canteens or sometimes they outsource from Food Business Operators( FBO). As the food is cooked in bulk by corporate canteen services in Gurgaon, more care is required to save food from contamination. Contaminated food can affect the health of large no. of employees. So, extra precautions have to be taken by the corporate canteen services in Gurgaon.

A corporate canteen should have a well-trained professional who knows about the FSSAI guidelines. This will ensure that all food safety parameters are followed in the corporate canteen.

If the company is outsourcing corporate canteen services in Gurgaon, then the corporate management should more focus on the food getting served. Especially, when it is served at a discounted rate. Because many catering service providers for cutting down their cost serves bad quality food.

Corporate canteens are set to save time and serve safe and healthy food to the employees. Corporate management needs to ensure that the food which is getting cooked and served in the canteen has to be hygienic and nutritious. If a corporate is running the canteen then they should have a license or registration. If it is been outsourced then the corporate management needs to look for several criteria.

If the Food Safety Supervisor is not present in the corporates canteen then corporate management should do a regular audit and quality check of the food getting served to the employees. The report of hygiene, water, food must be documented properly. Corporates should also make sure all the food handlers were examined properly and have gone through a medical test for future safety.

Food safety is assured if the above practices are done properly. Food Supervisor and corporate management have to make sure that the food prepared in the kitchen is healthy and nutritious. If you want to know more about corporate canteen services in Gurgaon or want to hire one then contact us.

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