Perfect Menu for a Corporate Canteen Services in Gurgaon

4 Delicious Corporate Catering Menu offered In Our Corporate Catering Services In Gurgaon
April 5, 2019
Corporate Catering and the Benefits for Your Business
Corporate Catering Services in Delhi, Gurgaon and Their Benefits
April 5, 2019

Healthy food always helps to increase productivity and if good food is served in a corporate canteen, the outputs are going to increase for sure. No one would like to work with their full zeal after eating bad and outdated food in the canteen. There are some great ideas and different menu items which can be added into a corporate canteen menu to make it loved by every employee and clients too. We are going to cover some trending and under-budget menu items to strengthen your canteen menu with world-class items.

  1.    Veg and Non-Veg Starters

Starter items are must require in any menu whether it is a school or corporate menu. You can add any of the starter items according to your choice or seek help from our one of the best services in corporate canteen services in Gurgaon. You can add starter items like:

Cheese Chilli

Honey Chilli Potato

Special Mushroom Crispy

Boneless Garlic Chicken

Special Crispy Chicken

Lemon Butter Fish

  1.    Fast Food

Everyone loves fast food, especially in India. If you add good fast food items in your corporate canteen menu then there is more chance that people will order more from the canteen. You can add some of the below items into your corporate canteen menu.


Veg/Non-Veg Noodles

French Fries

Chicken Nuggets


Hot dogs, etc.

  1.    Desserts and Beverages

Desserts and beverages are good to have instant energy in a working environment. You must add them to the menu to give some additional food options to your employee. You can add some of the below-given items into your food menu.

Tea/Coffee/Cold Drinks/Energy Drinks

Almond/Mango/Banana Shake


Sweet Cakes

Spiced City Cakes, etc

  1.    Salad and Soup

To give a more professional feel to your employees, you can add various soups and salads into your corporate menu. These items are good for the people who are following dietary restrictions. You can add any of the below-given items or contact some good corporate canteen services in Gurgaon.

Tomato Soup

White Bean Soup

Apple Salad

Green Salad etc.

These were some items which you can add to your corporate menu to make it filled up with world-class and delicious dishes.

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