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December 12, 2019
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December 17, 2019
outdoor catering services in gurgaon

outdoor catering services in gurgaon

Food takes a large part of any party’s budget, right? The best part of planning an outdoor party is, you get the freedom to set the menu according to your preference and choice. Typically, the outdoor party allows you to choose the outdoor catering services in Gurgaon of your choice, which will benefit you in setting up the menu. If you want to make your outdoor event stand out, keeping aside the decor. Food can create a great impact.

Outdoor Food Ideas Suggested by Outdoor Catering Services in Delhi & Gurgaon

Here are a few outdoor food ideas mentioned in this blog, which are suggested by The Catering Company, the food caterers in Gurgaon.

Must have Appetizers

Starters or appetizers are the mandatory part of an event, the party starts with them and they should taste delicious. As guests are entering and the party is about to start, serving the snacks before can be a lifesaver. Some easy to serve appetizer options are jumbo cocktails or rolled sandwiches. If you want to enjoy the summer season and want to take advantage of it, fresh fruits or fresh vegetable tray can be a perfect snacking option.

For starters go for light options, which do not fill your guests’ belly. Food caterers in Gurgaon can help you in deciding the appetizers menu.

Build your own Pasta or Sandwich bar

Who does not like to customise their food? With live pasta or sandwich counter, your guests’ can prepare their own style of pasta or sandwiches. And frankly, no one likes to treat their stomach with the same taste. Your guests’ may be following a certain diet, so picking their own ingredients can be a crowd-pleaser for them. You can create various pasta salads for your outdoor party.


A buffet at any party will not disappoint you. Even a buffet is much cheaper than per plate cost, and people can choose the food option according to their taste. Some of the buffet mandatory options for your outdoor parties can be butter chicken, prawns, stuffed chicken breasts, mushroom malai or tandoori chaap gravy.

Planning a party is an invitation for a lot of work, but getting an idea of the food menu makes the job easier. Get your outdoor party menu prepared by us.


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